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(Renewed 30/7 2015)

The greece capital Ur-Athen was suggested as nearby the Black sea rivermouth. Athen was probably the prehistoric name of the capital and the name Ur-Athen just set to define it as the prehistoric greece capital.

As sealevel is set it it obvious that nearby Isthmus and Black Sea River, the river is too steep and enormous to be a primary chosen place to settle on. The greece capital is placed about 35 km north of the rivermouth in a bay where the conditions for a settlement is very good. The chosen place for the capital seems to be optimal where landscape is more plain nearby a very steep hillside. 

27 km straight south of Kiatori on Rhodos. Shorter is 17 km and 150 degrees from Plimmiri.

Exact Pos: 35.48.40 N; 27.57.00 E.

Local myths says that the prehistoric Athen is flooded and is in the sea outside Rhodos. The satellite fotas are from an angel that makes it as exact when investigated as the layout is done for Poseidopolis. Ur-Athen is placed about 1100 km from the flood over Sicilianic ridge overflow and is also placed at the east shore well sheltered from all dramatic flow. The big flow from Black Sea river is also absorbing waves and net inflow from the flood.

Ur-then was very well protected from the flood and without any damage at all from it. At the location it is av very nice town with probaly the greece political and religious center on top of a hill. Potential damage has later been done by earthquakes but otherwise Ur-Athen is a well preserved 5500 year old flooded human settlement. Contact auther Carl Festin at e-mail.


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