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Nadia Sohaei.

Spanish Nadia Sohaei has for me presented her founding in the flooded Mediterranean Sea.

The Google picture is by me seen.

Soon analysis and more details will here and at her own website,, be presented.

Is this a real founding or is it a Google-fake and a PR-trick?

As soon as itīs positioned it will be examined and also evaluate if it has any historic sustainable credibility.

Due to the detection of Poseidopolis all other previous Atlantis-sites can be explained as minor or later, after refill,buildt up sites. Some hundred previous candidates can be explained in conformity to correct history.

Fake Atlantisdiscoveries or explanations to get mediainterest canīt anymore be done!

Copyright shared by Carl Festin and Nadia Sohaei. Illegal use of pictures, text and analysis will be at fee 100 000 000 SEK. 


Is this the flooded prehistoric circular Atlantis that was told by Platon.

Could it be a religous and scientific center and also then a leading ruling center. 

In this case the perfect accordance with the myth must be seen as a suspicion for a fake!

If it is a fake or a real founding will be very easy to determine as soon as the position is released.


Script august 2012. The Script in swedish.

Pictures and prices. Prices for copyrightprotected material.

Order a journey to prehistoric capital Poseidopolis Atlantis capital, Greek capital Ur-Athen and Egypt capital, Rhakotis will be visited. Contact auther Carl Festin at e-mail.


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