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Photos from Poseidopolis.

The Egyptian Government has hired private companies for the mission to detect the into the Mediterranean Sea crashed EgyptAir aeroplane.

The mission is soon completed and they will leave the region for new ones. 

They know the exact position of Posedopolis, Atlantis, and have to pass above.They will not pass the opportunity to change human history to others. We can therefore look forward to photos from a flooded prehistoric world just some weeks ahead.

The position has since 2008 on this website been public. Poseidopolis structures has since Januari 2015 also been detected and visualized.


Photos will be taken and Poseidopolis will confirm a very high skilled prehistoric human civilisation.

A 50/50 basis share of revenue from photos published has been offered the companies that will pass over the prehistoric capital.

As the strucures are very intact we also can have high expectations of prehistoric buildings good preserved.


Prehistoric construction technique is very stable and as the total townarea is about 80 square-km, ( 20 more then Manhattan.), the expactation are optimistic about that some momumental buildings are very well preserved. 

Copyright by Carl Festin. Illegal use of pictures, text and analysis will be at fee 100 000 000 SEK. 

Pictures and prices. Prices for copyrightprotected material.

Order a journey to prehistoric capital Poseidopolis Atlantis capital, Greek capital Ur-Athen and Egypt capital, Rhakotis will be visited. Contact auther Carl Festin at e-mail.


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