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When Atlantis was destroied human progress lost thousend of years. When, why and where has been a mystery since Plato 360 B.C. wrote down the story about Atlantis.

As Poseidopolis, Atlantis capital, is located there are no mystery left. 

More then 270 other worldwide spred myths, including Noah, describes the catastrophe when Mediterranean Sea was refilled about 5500 years ago, 3500 BC.

Suddenly thousend of unsolved scientific mysteries gets logical answers.

The explanation to the refill and many others dependent to it,  are with evidences descriebed.

Human most important happening is the Mediterranean refill about 3500 BC.

Second most important, the refill proven.

Order a journey to prehistoric capitals Poseidopolis, Ur-Athen and Rhakotis.

Their exact coordinates and description on set on links, How to find Atlantis, Ur-Athen and Rhakotis. There are two more settlements detected, Ur-Kinaros and Ur-Pylos that was not destroid by the flood but just flooded by raising sea.

Ur-Athen, Ur-Kinaros and Ur-Pylos was well preserved and protected by raising water. Their damages are later on due to earthquakes. As they are placed far from rivers they probably also are just little sedimented.

Due to the refill the people escaped to the highest reachable places. Flooded hilltops are places to which people fleed with their most valuable belongings. Such are places with ancient remainings made of gold, bronze and obsidian and also probably very nice pottery. The ridge between Karpathos and Crete has it highest flooded hilltop at just about 140 meters deep. It was before detection told that this flooded hilltop was the most possible site for remainings left by prehistoric atlantic and greek armies.( Position 1 picture below. )  By the detection it bacame obvious that the conflictarea was south of Isthmus just about 40 km south of Ur-Athen. ( Position 2.) The flooded hilltop is very easy to examine and will, even if not the armies were trapped there, carry a lot of leftings. There is no need for a submarine dive 1940 meters to verify the Mediterranena refill. The hilltop is probably crowded with artifacts, that compared with already known artifacts,will be seen as unvaluable. That is just at 128 to 140 meters deep.

The ten most interesting flooded hilltops with analysis are presented on link, Hilltops.

Flooded capitals has separate links respectivly.

Detected channels and supported settlements are set on link, Channels. 

Plato told that Isthmus was a natural border between Greece and Atlantic nation. That was the case until sailing skill was common and sea changed from hinder to a logistic advantage that forced trade and human civilisation progress. The most far away European region was unsettled and of low interest for the Atlants that dominated the European side. ( Position 2). The area was close nearby Ur-Athen and the most expansive part of Asia. The conflict reason is due to detection obvious and the most probably hilltops for drowned armies are changed from area Position 1 and T-128 to T-821 for the atlantic armie and T-679 for the greece armie on Ur-Corinthia. 

Script august 2012. The Script in swedish.

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Order a journey to prehistoric capital Poseidopolis Atlantis capital, Greek capital Ur-Athen and Egypt capital, Rhakotis will be visited. Contact auther Carl Festin at e-mail.


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