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Plan for EURO-break up

by Carl Festin.

 Just do nothing is the political reason that will be the historical

conclusion and explaination of the EURO-crise.

This plan is since august 2011 known by swedish goverment and is so far still the best 

economic and political solution for common people.



Swedish role as not a EURO-country: 

Secure european industrial and financial trust.

US-dollar role.

Stabilize new currencies during EURO-break up.

EU-parlament role.

Take responsibility for EURO-collapse.



1. Sweden has as the most stable finances inside EU and outside EURO. Sweden is therefore the best choosen country to rely on for investors and the financial market when EURO splits and breaks up. 

2. Sweden sells treasury bonds (obligationer)  with low or without any interest. Sweden can probably also let buyers pay interest due to that Sweden guarantees their money. Investors alternatives can be more risky. As more bonds Sweden sells it just strenghts its economy and the trust for the securing the money. 3000-4000 billions, ( miljarder), SEK will be an expected or necessary limit.

3. The money will be used to take over banks, that otherwise will collapse, to guaranty financial trust. Their primeraly task will be to save good european industri that after new economic conditions will have a future. 



EURO-break up must be done country by country. First Denmark loses its currency binding to the EURO and let the market set the value.

Country with the strongest economy in the EURO-region starts to leave EURO. 

Example:  Germany introduces their new currency, D-mark. To avoid drastic changings it initially binds to the US-dollar. Market will set new stripped EURO-value. When market has stabilized the D-mark it leaves its binding to the US-dollar. All EURO-countries leaves the EURO in similar way as Germany. The country with the lowest valued economy will be the last EURO-country. Today it seems to be Greece.


EU-parlament role.

In spite of all warnings and forecasted economic problems, exactly similar to what now is happening, EU has almost forced the EU-countries to introduce EURO as currency. The polititians that are responsibel for this will not have any public trust to solve the EURO-zone problems. They are right now the main problem as they blocks a political solution.

To reclaim public trust there must be a political cost for the EU-parlament.

The EU-budget is allready negotiated and set by the EU-countries and accepted as fair. The PIIGS-countries intrerests has to be lifted of from their costs. Theese costs has to be taken by all EU-countries by using EU-budget. To get acceptans among Europeean people there is no chance to raise EU-budget. PIIGS-countries then has to concentrate to repay their depts. After every 12-year period they will get a raised interestcost by 0,2 % up to their full own responsbility. 

This solution will have high level of acceptens by European public and has good opportunities to be accepted quickly as fair costs for all parts.

To secure my plan as known by swedish goverment I 2011 did candidate as president for Centerpartiet and minister of industry and since then continuously remined them about that their euro-support just is a matter of hiding a big political misstake. Since august 2011 there has been many euro-crises and so far just the way towards a final euro-collapse.

If YOU believe in my solution as a way out of European economic dissaster and political lac.


Support my plan and campaign:  

Sweden: Nordea, PG 3071 01 08 613.

Other countries:  IBAN SE39 3000 0000 0307 1010 8613    



Carl Festin

Born -57 in district, Jamtland, Sweden. Graduated 1984 Industrial Economics, LiTH.


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