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With Poseidopolis found, sealevel set, the main Atlantis island Basileias extension also can be set. Picture shows the extension at -1940 m. As landscape is steep it differs very little and is almost similar as was forcasted with the level -2000 m. That means that a lot of encyclopaedias and maps already has Basileia placed. The prehistoric Mediterranean sea is very well presented with deeplevel curves set at -2000 m. ( See map below. ) The Platon Atlantis myth is with the Mediterranean refill so accurate in details that the ancient writings based on storrytelling must be considered with very high credibility. All the references are lost but the story more then 3000 years after has correct geografic details and description of what was before, what happend during and after the refill. Nobody had until now understod what has caused the catastrophe. The geografi was total changed and the environmental support to confirm the story was also lost. In spite of that keep the stories details intact and retold during at least 60 to 70 generations is very impressing.

This picture from a common encyclopaedia has been complemented with prehistoric geography. Hercules bowl is a very big lake at - 850 m. The - 1000 m level gives the extension and structure similar to the detected Hercules bowl.

Picture atlantis1

Atlantis was not just an island. The atlants ruled all around Atlantic Ocean. ( Atlantic Ocean, The parts lower as -1940 meter of todays Ionian sea.)

Picture atlantis2

The atlants had the time to bring all valuable belongings with them. Theese flooded hilltops are places crowded with prehistoric leftings in gold, bronze and obsidian. ( How to organize the queueorder among 200 to 300-thousend atlants to give up their life is a matter of futher speculations and with an endless number of stories.) Even if the refill was very daramatic it was no problems just to walk away from the raising sea to higher safe places as long as there were any. Everywhere in the region it is enough to escape raising water just by a slow walk. First 24 hours estimated raise by 50 to 60 meters is for the Poseidopolis inhabitans just a walk about 10 km. If the following raise with 15 m/day it took 25 days more days before the top, T-1528, was flooded 70 km distance from Poseidopolis. Basileia had a lower part at the middle and the raising sealevel separated soon the island and it inhabitants into two parts. The people on the west part reached the top, T-1244. The west side was immediately hit by the flood when owerflow at Sicilanic ridge 600 km far away starts. Even though they managed to walk away. There was no wave and a direct hit just a fast raising flow that was well announced by roaring sea. They were placed in the middle of the flow without any protection.  As soon as sea rasied up to their built up settlements it was immediately obvious that the speedy stream destroid all their built up assets. They reached the top T-1244 and that as flooded about 20 days after that the population in east and Poseidopolis had drowned. 

Picture atlantis3




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