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Black Sea River.

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With Poseidopolis found it is proven that Black Sea was a freshwater lake that had a outflow at least twice as big as the Nile. That river is named Black Sea River but it is obvious that Black Sea prehostoric was a lake and had another name. With the correct environmental background it seems likely that there somewhere is mentioned prehistoric names that before this description was not identified. The names set here are sofar "worknames" and hopefully will Black Sea, Black sea river and the lakes that once was in Aegean Sea be in myths identified to set their right prehistoric names.

The Black Sea River had a big and fast flow that was impossible to pass. That fact and the the waterseparation is essential for the understanding of human evolution and civilisation. See link : Waterborder.

All lakes along the Black Sea River, Black Sea and those flooded and detected Thrakian lake, Abantis lake, Pelasgian lake, Hercules Bowl and Karpathos lake were freshwater lakes. They all ecological collapsed and a whole ecological system was vanished from the earth. Probably thousends of unik varieties, both animals and plants, was exterminated. See link Black Sea ecological collapse.


Black sea river and Aegean prehistoric landscape.

General view.

The landscape that gives the logical solution of ethnicity, human history and civilisation.



Black Sea was about - 30 meters freschwater lake. Azovska lake and in the west was land that now are flooded but in the norteast, east and south the seabed is steep and the extension of the Black Sea there was little affected. ( A-nots at - 30m.) 

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The icemaximum during iceage was about 20 000 years ago. As definition iceage ended 10 000 years ago. Most rapid was icemelting during period 10000 to 5000 years ago. Caspian Sea and other rivers to Black Sea gives that todays netoutflow of 2 nilestreams. By me has been estimated up to 4-5 nilestreams in the period. That means also much bigger then 2 nilestreams 5500 years ago. ( estimation: Twice bigger Caspian Sea means that evaporation was twice as big as today and also manage some outflow. That gives more then twice bigger inflow in Caspian Sea then today. Similar effect of melting ice can be expected for Black Sea. That gives 4 to 5 Nilestreams.)

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Black Sea river starts at todays Bosphorus. Marmara lake is just a few meters below -30 and it´s extension marked with S-nots.

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Thrue Dardanelles, turns to the north into Thrakian lake at a level about - 250 m. 

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Black Sea river is widened to Thrakian lake and occurs again at outflow east of today island Skyros. Thrakian lakes extention is about 13500 Km2

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The Black River east of Skyros is seen as waterfalls. About 90 meters fall in about 5 km that ends up in the Abantis lake at about - 340 m. If prehistoric descriptions are found they can here be as waterfalls. Otherwise it is a short but great river between to separate lakes. Prehistoric are the different parts of Black Sea river far away and seen and named as separate rivers.  Abantis lake has almost same extantion as Thrakian lake, 13500 Km2.

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Abantis lake has two outflows. A about 2 km long manmade channel is west of todays island Kinaros. It is named as the Kinaros channel. The channel supports the settlement, named  Ur-Kinaros, and it´s nearby farmland with freschwater. The channel is in accurate direction to the south.  Startposition is ; 36.57.50 N : 26.12.09 E. Endposition is; 36.56.55 N : 26.12.09 E.  (same eastkoordinates.) The Black Sea River outflow is 33 km to more to the east part and east of today island Levitha. 

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Pelasgian lake is at about a -400 m level. Named as the mythical pelasgian people are from the region. They are placed east of the Black Sea River. The area seems to be av very good place for prehistoric settlers. They live in Asia, east of the waterborder. From Pelasgian lake to Hercules bowl the Black Sea river has a very rushy flow. About 420 meters fall in just 65 km and  still impossible to pass. Europe and Asian people are here divided  until they could sail on the lakes far outside the rivermouths. Probably completely different people lived thousend of years separated a few km apart on each side of the waterborder. Pelasgian lake extention about 2800 km2

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Hercules bowl.

Hercules bowl is a name chosen without mythological connection. With it´s greatness it is most probably mythological in some occasion mentioned but not yet identified and joined. The name is set in accordance to that it then was at Hercules north pillar. The pillar was almost surrounded by water. The total extension of the Hercules Bowl was 400 km and it carried a very big total freschwatervolume as it also was deep. The deepest places are now almost 2600 m and big parts more then 2000 m. Even with a level of -850 meters the average deep probably was about 1000 m. The freschwater volume was as big as then the today worlds biggest freschwaterbasin, Lake Baikal. The Black Sea river passes just thrue the lake in the north east part. In spite of that the water in the lake is, due to it´s deep, well circulated. Outflow, Black Sea river, reaches Karphatos lake after just about 20 km with a fall of 460 meters. Also here a gigantic waterfall with very fast flow and wasn´t passable. West of waterborder is Europe and east of it is Asia. Extension about 16 000 km2.

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Karphatos lake.

Karphatos was the east part of Hecules north pillar. The pillar can be seen as an eurupean peninsula as it was almost surounded by water. Only reachable from the european side of the waterborder. On viewpionts on todays Karpathos they could see both the great Hercules bowl and at the other side Karphatos lake at 440 meters lower level. A magnific view and also a view over to the Asian land they couldn´t reach. On the east side was prehistoric greece mainland as a part of Asia.  The south part of Karphatos lake can be seen as possible manmade. The bay is very straight and angular. Placed in the bays most south corner starts the 5 km Karpathos channel. Channel is in accurate north-south direction. Startposition is ; 35.17.18 N : 27.25.23 E. Endposition is; 36.14.50 N : 27.25.23 E.  (same eastkoordinates.) The channel leads freschwater down to a rift in direction south-west. Settlement Ur-Pylos at sea and it´s nearby region is served with freschwater due to the Karpathos channel. Ur-Pylos is a well preserved European settlement.  Ur-Athen is a well preserved Asian settlement. Black Sea River is the natural border and Isthmus is the last and most important part that devides Asia from Europe. Extension about 1100 km2.


Black Sea river. Ending.

Outflow, Black Sea river, reaches Sea about 32 km with a fall of 630 meters. This gigantic river has also here a very fast flow. It is not passable. The only chance for prehistoric humans to pass is when they manage to build boats, that on lakes or in sea, can pass far appart from rivermouths and finally cross the waterborder. Before that, Asia and Europe was apparted by the waterborder all way from south of Victoria lake up to the frozen rivers and lakes in the north.Whith developed sailing skill the passage of Isthmus became easy to pass on Mediterranean Sea. The natural border between Europe an Asia was lost. For greece people the european side was nearby and they started to settle. For atlants they were intruders into their, by them controlled, european side. When Isthmus was floode it lost it´s geographic place. Isthmus had lost it´s imporance and got an indinstict definition. With right geographic background the Isthmus obvious is of such importance both as border as gigantic nature phenomenon that it has surrvived more then 3000 years in myth and still was used by Plato as geographic reference.

Myths and refill.

With the refill very much in the myths are logical and understandable. Just two examples that with traditional descriptions has no contex at all but with the refill suddenly becomes logical, understanable and useable to interpret what the myths says. Black Sea Rivers in Isthmus is Asopus. Okeanus is a symbol to one or more lakes or most probably the whole lakesystem. From Black Sea, the Black Sea River was of main importence that created lakes an drastik waterfalls the whole way down to Mediterranean sea. Okeanus was the gud and water that surronded the whole world without reaching the sea.  Nordic mythology tells that water from Eliwaves came from the source Vergelmer that was in the middle of Niefelheim. Niefelheim is the ice-kingdom in the north.The cold eliwaves from Niefelheim met in Ginningagap the heat from Muspelheim. That was the  kingdom south of Ginnungagap. Eliwaves filled up Ginnungagap. Eliwaves comes also from the country of giants. Also the nordic mythology has a very accurate logical connection with a Mediterranean refill. It is not clarified if nordic mythology is identified as one of the about 270 global spread myths that descriebes how world was flooded. 

Ur-Pylos and Ur-Corinthia.

Ur-Pylos was detected as consequence to the structures that seemed to be a manmade in the bay in the south of  Karphathos lake. There are straight structures that are about 12 km meters each that are connected with very sharp angels. That bay also seemed to be connected and ends with a channel. If they were manmade it just had to have a watersupply purpose to the lower regions and and most probably for a settlement at sea. That such a structure by nature can exist is almost impossibly. That must be multipleid with the probability that such a structure are at the exakt position in three dimensions that is forecasted. Exact where it was forecaste there are 500 meters straight structures connected with a sharp angels. Ur-Pylos as a prehistoric settlement is mathematical proven.

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