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Refill analysies.

The Mediterranean Sea was cut during the last iceage. Probably about 40 000 years ago. Evaporation gave lower surface and was stabilaized at the level when inflow and evaporation was at similar volume. The Mediterranaean Sea was split into a west and east basin already at a level -300 meters by the Sicilanic ridge. Nile river and Black sea river gave unlimited freshwatersupply for agriculture. Trade on the sea made need for organization and human civilization. Until about 3500 B.C. the region had been able to feed a growing population. Three different civilisations are told by Plato and are the atlants, greek and egypts. The picture is made 2008 and Poseidopolis is then already set at the correct position. The estimated prehistoric sealevel in east basin was -2000 meters and with the localisation of Poseidopolis at - 1940 meters the analysies was very close to the real facts. The diagrams told are based on the analysies, done and published about 6,5 years before Poseidopolis was located. They are not corrected to the real deep as it has very little impact of the description. They have a value to show how accurate it was to estimate the most probably sealevel with the facts that for me, and also for all science, was available.

Picture refill 1.

When sea broke the Gibraltarridge it collapsed instantly. The west basin had to be filled up to - 300 meter before water could pass the Sicilianic ridge. In the diagram it is shown about 160 days before water began to fill up the east basin. First with a about 50 meter drop, then contsant level until also the east basin was filled up. From Gibraltar break thrue until west and east basin had united it had passed more then one year. To be total filled up it took another year. People had no problem to escape raising sealevel without any hurry but when there was no higher levels to reach they were trapped, became victims, on a flooded hilltop. Still left on the hilltops are their most valuable belongings. That was gold, bronze, obsidian and pottery for freshwater.

Picture refill 2

After about 160 days the Sicilianic ridge was overflooded with a estimated errossion of the ridge with about 50 meters. West basin reaches a -250 meter level when overflow starts. The flow that had to pass the ridge will be the same as the inflow at Gibraltar. The sicilianic ridge starts to errode. A gigantic flood owerflows the sicilanic ridge. It is initially  the flow in thrue Gibraltar added with the flow due to 50 meter errossion and drop of west basin level from -250 to -300. The drop lasted just about 24 hours. The flow over the ridge was soon stabilized as big as the inflow thrue Gibraltar. The startlevel in the west basin was initialy also probably even lower then -2000 meter. A more accurate estimation for startlevel in west basin can be calculated but is not yet done as the east basin is much more historical importent. 

Picture 3


The flow in picture 4 from 2008 surrounds Pantelleria and Malta. 2015 the floodbed was detected with Google Earth, picture 5, and it was much better evidence for a refill then expected.

Picture refill 4 and 5.


When the Sicilianic ridge erroded the drop of the level in west basin, as their areas were almost the same, gave the same raise in the east basin. Estimated for the east basin rasie are west basin drop added with inflow thrue Gibraltar. The first 24 hours an estimated sealevel rasie of about 60 meters. The result was that most of the prehistoric civilisation in the basin was flooded.  After just 24 hours,  98-99 % of the people who lived in the basin had transformed to refugees. Still with very few victims as the region was hilly and higher levels were everywhere just nearby. ( Raise from -1940 meter to about -1880 meters.) 


Picture refill 6.

The picture 7 descriebes the sealevel raise in the east basin from the moment when Gibraltar ridge collapsed. 160 days refill in west basin before the Sicilianic ridge was owerflooded. The refill caused several earthquakes in west basin that also affected the east basin. The cold water refilled affected also the clima in the region. People noticed that something was very different and became anxious. Heavy rain over Basileia and earthquakes are the warnings that made Noah to prepare an evacuation.

Picture refill 7.

When east basin level reached - 300 meters it united with the west basin and the two parts rasied from that moment together. Picture 8 is from the moment when the both parts united. The 300 meters still left until total refilled lasted one year more. 

Picture refill 8.



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