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The waterborder.

The definition of the waterborder is named and set by Carl Festin.

No previous consideration has been done to the waterborder but has became obvious as the landscape before the Mediterranean refill was separated by two rivers and also heavy streams, Nile and Black Sea river. This waterborder was a true fact for prehistoric humans all way from south of Victoria lake up north of Black sea. The border was passable in north where rivers toward Black Sea during winter were frozen. The border separated and two different humans developed. On the west side hunters,Neanderthals,and agriculture,Homosapiens on the east side. Frozen lakes and rivers are an advantage for hunters that makes it possible to change hunting areas when lack of games occures. Agriculture invests in a spot of land that needs staedy living both to maintaine and protect. Neandertahl and Homosapiens were not competitors. When they met Neanderthal was social superior Homosapiens.

Very importent in futher analysis of human evaluation, myths, etnicity etc is the "Waterborder" that devides humans from each other. It is just a small area south of Victoria lake, that makes it possible to select the east or west side of the waterborder. With lower Mediterranean it was walkable on the west side into the mainland of Europe. Rivers south of Victoria lake, Victoria lake, Nile, Mediterreanean sea, Black sea River and  Black sea was a conected waterborder. Also the Caspian sea and Aral sea was long parts of the waterborder. First north of Black Sea it was possible to pass a waterborder during winter when rivers were frozen. The waterborder separated human evolution into two branches with the westeuropean Neanderthal developed at the west side of the waterborder. Their expansion north and to the east was possible during winter and over frozen lakes and rivers. To live up north was an advantege for hunters that during winter could move to new huntingarea and trace their games. Very narrow in human history humans managed to make boats and ships. That skill gave a very huge advantege where ever and also was the waterborder overcome. Mediterranaen Sea, as a part of the waterborder, became an asset to demount it. The waterborder is essential in human evolution and civilisation and must be considered as a compact border between Europe and Asia probaly until just a few thousend years before refill. 

( The migrationroutes written in the pictures were in prehistoric time land and walkable. Obs: Read Sea and Persian Gulf was devided from sea. The explanation is descreibed in link with script 2008 and 2012)

The waterborder devided Neandertahl and Homosapiens. The frozen lakes and rivers was an advantege for hunters that made them moveable and Neanderthal was successful in the north. There was no or little conflict with agriculture and homosapiens in the south. They were almost total separated for many 10-thousend years.

The hunters developed on the west side. They had to move and search thrue all geographic places to find game. That was easy up north during wintertime when lakes and rivers were frozen. Due to overhunting and expanding land-ice they were forced to the south. They had learned to make boats as they were hunters and had to pass over big areas and cross lakes and rivers. Forced south and in nead of foodsupply Neanderthal passed the nearest strait at the north side, about 30 km, on rafts to Basileia. The homosapiens had learned to pass over Nile on rafts and were established on both sides of the Nile river and had also expaned along  the seashore. Neanderthal and homosapien met on Basileia and are probably mytholigical Poseidon and Kleito. Biblical Adam and Eve. Male is Neanderthal. Neanderthal was bigger, stronger and probably at a higher intelligence but they were close to extermination and totally outnumbered by homosapiens. As prior individuals they were accepted evan as a monority.

Homosapiens had mainly migrated to the east. They had also learned to pass the Nile river and agricultered on both sides and also a minor migration had developed also from west side of the Nile along Africa northcoast. The waterborder north of Mediterranaena Sea was still a big obstacle. Black Sea river was much bigger then the Nile river and had a very fast and heavy flow. Europe was close but very little settled.  

When humans managed to produce and use boats the sea, lakes and rivers turned from an obstacle to a big advantage. The Mediterranaen Sea was the optimal place for human progress. The Black Sea River and Nile river served for unlimited freschwater supply. Basileia as an island was easy to defend and boats a part of peoples ordinary lifes.They organized to solve the freschwater supply. Trade created new professions, organisation and civilization. Raised efficiency gave also the oppertunity to bear a social and religious class, that served for knowledge and science.   


This description is just a logical conclusion of the acceptence of the Mediterranean refill. The waterborder theory is based on the refill theory and even a step futher. The waterborder theory is very much a logical explanation far from scientific accepted. Logical analysies that did prove Atlantis. This is a logical explaination why Neanderthal gonome is concentrated to the european population. When Neanderthal met homosapiens, Neanderthal were almost exterminated. The two races  common knowledge gave a fast human progress. Neandertahl gonome was again duplicated with the highest concentration in the Atlants. Homosapiens outnumbered the few left Neanderthal but at social higher level they were able to intercourse with female Homosapiens. Ginger or the Gebelein man is by me supposed to be a genetic atlant and refugee that tried to establish upstreams the Nile river. See explanation in script 2012.

This is what science most probably will confirm. They have so far been forced to abandon former accepted science in advantege to follow and confirm my results. It has since 2008 been a matter of backseatdriving.


Script august 2012. The Script in swedish.

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