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Human civilisation number one.

(This description is not scientific verified but is presented as it has the highest probability. Same principal used that successfully gave the detection of Poseidopolis etc.)

We must accept that we are the human civilisation number 2. Human civilisation had developed in the East Mediterranean a during a long period before the Mediterranean refill. The illogical solutions can be replaced by logical and easy understandable explanations.


 The orgin of agriculture and human civilisation is in the region at prehistoric Nile river floodmouth. There human succeded with agriculture and human population growth forced the humans to expand agricultered area and watering from Nile river. That was the keyfactor that only was possible with inventions, organisation and cooperation.

Orgin for human civilisation and agriculture is Nile river floodmouth. All other old civilisations are initial based on agriculture knowledge from Nile river region. Rhakotis is planed for gardening and a unlimeted freschwater supply by Nile river.


Expanding egypts settled all around the East Mediterranean Sea. The last part of Black Sea river was along Isthmus and impossible to pass. The Black Sea flow was at least twice as big as Nileriver and had a very steep and fast flow. Black Sea River flow caused extraordinary good conditions with five big freshwater lakes with a start in freschwater Black Sea. This region, east of Black Sea River flow, developed to the orgin of Greece culture. Prehistoric Asia.



The big and rapid Black Sea River parted the region with prehistoric Europe on the west side and Asia on the east side. The Neanderthals had been very efficient in hunting, eradicated competing preditors but also all games. On Basileia there were just a few left and at least one male of them started to integrate with one agriculting female egypt descendant. The integration between Neanderthal and Homosapiens added two species knowledge and was unique. This is since then along their descendants told. The prehistoric story is Poseidon and Cleito and the same told by christianity is Adam and Ewe. The Neanderthal descendents was bigger and was by their appearance different and became soon a dominant and ruling class. They succesfully raised in population on the isolated dry island, Basileia. Egypts and Greeks lived in regions where big rivers and lakes gave them endless supply of fresch water. Atlants lived on Basileia where fresch water was very limited. Their premises were much harder and the had to construct plants that solved the waterissue. Especially Egypt could serve them with a varity of foodsupply. The atlants had very obvious reasons to develop advanced architecture, invent tradeable goods, build ships and develop sailing skills. Egypts, greeks and atlants solved their own problems. Poseidopolis is planed to take very well care of every little freschwatersupply.

  P oseidopolis confirms a very high skilled prehistoric human civilisation.

As the strucures are very intact we also can have high expectations of prehistoric buildings good preserved.


Prehistoric construction technique is very stable and as the total townarea is about 80 square-km, ( 20 more then Manhattan.), the expactation are optimistic about that some momumental buildings are very well preserved. 





Egypts growing population was the first to expand. They and their agriculture could settle anywhere as there were no other agriculting humans. As they and agriculture expanded new settlements far away. Dividing cultures developed at each settlements as conditions were different. The Black Sea river was impossible to pass. When sailing skill developed it was no longer a hinder as i could be passed outside floodmouth on the sea. Greeks started to settle on the other side of Black Sea river and was seen as intruders by the Atlants. That was the conflict when Mediterranean Sea begun to refill. Both their armies was trapped on hilltops nearby prehistoric Isthmus. Flooded hilltops southwest of Rhodos will most probably carry a lot of remainings from both the Atlantic and Greek armies.

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