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Earthquakes in Italy.

( Renewed 14/7 2017 )

The most earthquakeexposed regions in Italy.

With an acceptance of the Mediterranean refill the earthquakes in L´Aquila and Amatrice are logical and was easy to forecast. Once again, Farindola,18/1 2017 an earthquake that caused an avalanche with 29 more victims.

L´Aquila 6/4 2009: 297 victims.      Amatrice 24/8 2016: 295 victims

Year 2008.

Since 2008 the theory about the Mediterranaean refill has been public on Due to the refill it was obvious that the added load was the main reason for the hig earthquakerate in the Mediterranean region. Especially and easy to understand was the consequences for the Italian peninsula. When the earthquake happened in L´Aquila it was very logical, forecasted and easy to explain due to the theory. The problem was not the knowledge. The problem was that the theory wasn´t scientific accepted and told. If it had there had been more then 7 years of better preparations for the exposed regions to preper for earthquakes.

Earthquakerate in the Mediterranean region.

The whole Mediterranean region is some mm annual sinking. If not a constant sinking a sudden fall is built up. That happens nearby the sea and year 365 the Alexandria region suddenly fell about 9 meters. More exampels all around the Mediterranean region can verify many sudden falls and flooded areas nearby Mediterranena Sea. Added load presses masses to nearby regions that not was affected by added load. The Italian peninsula is very easy to understand as an very exposed region toward which masses moves. The peninsula is like a rising bread.

Prehistoric coastline south of Italy at – 1940 meters. Mediterranean refill adds load on both sides of the peninsula. Geological effect is that masses transports in under regions without added load. Italy is like a rising bread. All along the peninsula it will be possible to calculate the places that will rise most and will have the highest earthquake-rate. Some coastline areas are risky for sinking down under sealevel. Some distance from coastline there probably is an area that can be seen as a “rotationcenter” with a low earthquakerisk.

Earthquake reasons.

What is scientific known and accepted is the tectonic moves with Africa and Europe that presses towards each other. In the high rate earthquake region Mediterranean Sea the rate is much too high just caused by tectonic moves. The "overrate" is due to Mediterranean refill and added load. The total number earthquakes are due to added effects where tectonic moves are estimated to just 20 percent and the rest, 80 percent are caused by Mediterranean refill and added load. Italien peninsula evan much more effected by added load.


"A commission of experts met on 31 March 2009 to assess the scientific evidence and advise the government. According to the prosecution, a press conference after that meeting — attended by the acting president of the commission, volcanologist Franco Barberi of the University of Rome ‘Roma Tre’, and by government official Bernardo De Bernardinis, then deputy director of the Italian Civil Protection Department — conveyed a reassuring message that a major earthquake was not on the cards.

Moreover, in a television interview recorded shortly before the meeting but aired after it, De Bernardinis, who is now president of the Institute for Environmental Research and Protection in Rome, said that “the scientific community tells me there is no danger because there is an ongoing discharge of energy” during the seismic swarms."

The accussed people had no chance to make a correct conclusion as the reason for the earthquake was not what they based their conclosion on. Based on what they knew, tectonic moves, their conclusion was most probably correct. If they had known about the Meditrranean refill their conclusion had been the opposite. During more then seven years since L´Aquila earthquake happened the people an authorities in Amatrice would have done much better praparations to avoid lost lives and damages if the Mediterranean refill had been scientific accepted.  

When the knowledge is there but the exposed people not are told. Who to blame?

Earthquake areas.

It is a matter for geological science to forecast the most affected regions due to the refill. With just a logical considaration it is obvius that regions with prehistoric steep areas, now flooded, are areas with high tensions and risky for earthquakes. Some regions with high tension can easaly be identified. Surrounded by added load Italy is acting lika a rising bread. In geoligical terms 5500 years is av very short time and there are still much tension left before the effects of the Mediterranean refill has been geological normalized. Exposed areas since years by me told as risky. Also public here since 14/7 2017. Contact auther Carl Festin at e-mail.


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