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The Octopus Era 1860 to 2015.

The definition of the Octopussy era is named and set by Carl Festin.

When Charles Darwin evolution theories during the 1860:s was accepted it also ment a rejection of the Biblic floodmyth. The Biblic muth was until then the onlyone still scientific accepted as a global flood. Atlantis myth was already by the ancient greeks declared as fantasy and about total 270 other known global flood myths was all declared as pseudoscience. 

Darwin is made a fool due to his evolution theories.

There was a lot of evidencies for a former Atlantis. In spite of that the Atlantismyth was scientific total rejected as pseudoscience. A safe opinion as long as the location wasnīt found and from the moment that a person had rejected Atlantis a discovery would be a loss of credibility. In January Poseidopolis, Atlantis, was detected and suddenly became all myths more sustainable then the rejections of a global flood. The detected structures has during the time existed as evidence but has not been found. As the flood was rejected the structures also was rejected as manmade and has to be made by octopuses. The era from about 1860 to detection of Poseidopolis, Atlantis,  in January 2015 is defined as the octopus era, 155 years, when science believed in the octopus theory.

During the era 1860 to 2015 science believed that octopuses were the constructures of advanced human underwater settlements.

The defination is made to separate coming science, political progress and discussions from those who accepts the Mediterranean refill and itīs pervasive  consequenses for humans in all topics from them who does not.

Those who does not are futher on defined as people of the Octopussy Theory.

Science, media, politicians, etc. who had not made an agreement for access to the new knowledge has to remain in the Octopussy era. Everything that in any way take advantege of the knowledge of a Mediterranena refill and discovery of Poseidopolis, Atlantis, as here proven, will be seen as intruders in copyright. 

 Above restrictions set and public: 7/8 2015 Contact auther Carl Festin at e-mail.

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