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Sorry for my grandpa. He was a renomed archaeologist that would have been euphoric with the confirmation of a true Atlantismyth.



Superior theory.

Why the refill of the Mediterranean Sea is not common accepted have two reasons.

1: Political. 

2: Lack of mathematical competence.

( As Posedopolis is confirmed the performed critisism has dramatic raised in strenght.)


History is written by people that are payed by govern authorities. They want to have the history the pay for.

To succeed in such a mission You must have very little common sense.

Both Herodotos and Platon descriebed the hellanies and barbarians as from the same historical background. The greeks, probably Aristotelse, destroid the end of the story about Atlantis as it explained atlants as the ancestors for them both. Even Herodotos book is without the end that also can be expected as explaining the hellanies and barbarians as the same people. For political reasons history was destroid. Then a total unwished historic explanation as greeks was threatend by barbarians and had depreciated them as we still know them today. Barbaric.

Lack of mathematical competence.

Common sense is an intelligent consideration of what can be true or false due to the facts.

Mathematical called, statistics.

Todays historical description is so out of stastistic relevans that the scientific explanations of todays known facts needs a total lack of common sense and mathematical skill. Otherwise it is impossible to make explanations that fits into the political wished and accepted history.

The random natural structures, channels.

Three channels are detected. All in stright north-south direction. 1/ (360x360x360) = 1/ ( 46 656 000) for random natural. There are hundreds of relations detected that all must be explained random natural and multiplied to fit into not human. Very soon a figure that makes natural random out of all range. Left over: If not made by octopussies it must be human.

To deny a refill of the Mediterrannean Sea as the explanation of 270 worldwide spreed myths is a matter of lack of intelligence and mathemathical competence.

My explanation is not made out of new knowledge. It is based on finding a solution that can give an explanation to known facts. Since I in 2008 started to worldwide tell my theory science has so far very dramatical changed into my direction and what I have written.

Total scientific change that already is written 2008 in my description.

Evan told scientists most logical solutions.

Carl Festin, January,  2013.

Refill analysis.

As I for the first time, eastern April 2007, started my analysis of the Atlantic myth I was astonished that the Robert Sarmast foundings outside Cyprus not was common knowledge. Such a founding should casuse that archeaologists and historians like hungry wolfs was competing to be the first ones to confirm a human settlement. Worlds then so far most importent founding was and is still among science neglected. More knowledge added that it was obvious that the Sarmast founding not could be Atlantis but still the most importent founding ever done as it made it very impossible that a refill not had been under period of human civilisation. More knowledge added and statistical multiplications of gave that a refill are some billion of billions more probable then not.

The only thing left is to find solution on when, how, why etc. Since 2007 it has been obvious that a refill has been and most probably 3500 B.C. descriebed and defined as the formative era. The biggest human civilisation catastrophe is archaeological descreibed as a huge civilisationclimp. What it shows is that almost all human civilisation has been flooded and refugees, a very little left of what was have tried to make a restart on a lot of places. 

Sicilianic ridge overflooded. Descriebed already 2008.


About 40 % of world population and about 80 % in the developed world population have internet and Google Earth.  2015 they can make their own investigations and conclusions.

( Hard to reject my theories, Carl Festin, January, 2015 )

Since January historian are left behind. The have run into a deadend by rejecting Atlantis. Now it just a matter of time how much lead they want to give me before they have to accept a total surrender to the Atlantis history. 

Carl Festin. Gräftågränd 45,831 71 Östersund, tel 063-85086.

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