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Black Sea ecological collapse.

( As Poseidopolis is confirmed this description is the only scientific possible solution.)

Also a total ecological system vanished.)

Pictures and analysies 500 000 000 sek.

No scientific doubts are about the fact that a very fast change of freshwater to saltwater has occured in the Black Sea. That is the remainings of an ecological collapse not just for the Black Sea. A whole ecological system was destroid and 5/6 of world total volume of freshwater was for ever transformed to salted water. There are five big prehistoric lakes detected and they have all collapsed similar with initial big osmotic interchange as description below about Black Sea. The difference is that the ecological collapses has been much faster as there were no straits. Sea and lake were in direct contact with each other when sea reached the lakes level. The process caused huge flowes out from the lakes when freshwater was substituded with seawater. 

The decomposition in Black Sea has caused the biggest oxegyn free zone in the world that still remains. The description given here is in no scientific material mentioned but is the only possible solution. A scientific big problem is, as a sideeffect of the my Atlantis studies, solved. This descriebed osmotic interchange depends on raising world sea levels and occurs independent if Mediterranean refill has happened or not. That the world sea levels has raised more than 100 meters the last 20000 years has no scientific doubts. The todays facts are that the treassueres into the Marmalake and into the Black Sea are far above that level. Facts are also that todays flow is about 4 nilestreams out and 2 nilestreams heavy saltwater in. That gives only one possible solution. As long as Mediterranean See-level is under the tressures levels the Black Sea and Marmalake are parts in a freshwater river at least twice as big as todays Nile.

My description of the ecological collapse must in some moment occure both with slow or fast raising Mediterranean Sea. This collapse is due to osmotic interchange when 5-6 % saltwater is reaching the level of freshwater Marmara-lake and Black Sea.

With the detection of Poseidopolis, Atlantis it is also proven that there were five very big lakes that also ecological have collapsed. A whole ecological system was vanished from earth. See the lakes link: Black Sea River.

Before Mediterranean refill starts, the Black Sea owerflow gives a 4-5 times bigger river than todays Nile. ( Why prehistoric Black Sea river is estimated much bigger is explained but not in this resume.) Black Sea river is by me recovered and given the name Black Sea river. In the picture below the Mediterranean Sea-level is similar to the world sea level scientific accepted about 10000 years ago. In this case it would have taken several thousend years to raise to the Marmara lake level.  Exact the same startconditions is about with a Mediterranean refill 5500 years ago. In that case the level allready had raised about 1900 meters and will in a few month reach the Marmara lake and some months later evan the Black Sea. Despite the speed of the raised seelevel the osmotic interchange is a nature law and must at some point occure. It is still there and the reason that it both thrue the Bosphorus and Gibraltar are opposite diriction of gigantic topflow and bottomflow. The very big osmotic differences that was at the point when the saltwater began to pass into the Black Sea caused enormous flows in both dirictions. The osmotic balance is now with 4 nileflows out and 2 nileflows in.

Azovska lake was then dry land. There and at the western plain areas it most probaly had agriculture settlers. Sealevel raise was just about 30 m in 6 month and caused no victims. But the ecological collapse, flooded settlements and agricultured land transformed almost every human around the Black Sea to starving refugees. This is the background for that mythical people as amazons, getaes and other occurs. We also have the finish-ugrische language divided to two groups that had to leave and surched free land upstreams flods Djenstr and Dnepr. The area was also colonized by atlants that had superior tecnical advanteges and knowledge. Peaceful relations was the premise for the atlants to maximaze their revenue of superior knowledge. When all became refugees a miner groups with good weapons could force a less developed majority to leave. 



The Bosphorus ridge is still a hinder to reach main Black Sea as it is at a higher level then Dardanelle ridge. The critical moment will soon occur when saltwater starts to flow in with understreams into the Black sea. The Marmara lake is here under ecological collapse. Osmotic interchange with saltwater passing with understreams over Dardanelle ridge into Marmara lake.


Ecological collapse when dramatic osmotic interchange starts with very high waterspeed with outgoing freshwater flow overstreams and saltwater ingoing underwaters streams through the Bosphorus. Estimated 20-25 Nilestreams out and 15-20 Nilestreams in. The remainings of the big Black Sea river is today an owerflooded riverbed in the Aegean Sea and a net outflow from the Black Sea. The ecological collapse was forced by osmotic differeces and still is. The todays balance is 4 nilestreams out and 2 saltwater in to the Black Sea.


This ecological collapse do not effect the area around Black sea that can cause the biblic flood or the Atlantis myth. If my refill theory is not accepted the sealevel raise is just about 1 cm annual. With my refill theory it will be at the very end of the refill and the final sealevel raise of 30 meter would have taken about half a year. That does not create worldwide spreed myths of a global flood. This excludes Black Sea region as the place for the biblic flood and the Atlantis myth. With about 30 meter raised sealevel the settlements all around was flooded. Fishing and agriculture total destroied and many groups of people had to leave the region. Refill theory gives the answers for many historical and scientific unsolved questions why humans moved out from the Black Sea region. People that later developed as different ethnical groups. Historical and archaeological facts give good support to the refill theory of Mediterranean Sea.

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